What to Expect from a Coaching Session

If you are considering scheduling a session with our life coach, these are some things you can expect.

What a Typical Life Coaching Session Looks Like

Although the exact framework of a coaching session can change based on the needs of the client, it usually follows a set format.
A coaching session could look something like this:

Step 1:

During the initial phase of the meeting, an objective of the meeting is determined by both parties along with a measurement to define success for the meeting. The objective along with the measurement of success is based on the client’s desire and needs.

Step 2:

Keeping the meeting goal in mind, the client and coach explore the topic together. In order to remove obstacles to success, we ask powerful questions, clarify, observe, and provide feedback so that clients gain a deeper understanding of their needs, wants, values, and desires.

Step 3:

In this phase of the process, the client contemplates what they have learned from the discoveries made thus far. Contemplation can prove to be a very effective method for clarifying and clarifying the direction the client is heading toward.

Step 4:

As the session wraps up, an action step is developed based on the client’s desire and comfort level. The client then debriefs the coach about their progress on the action step at the beginning of the next session. After that, step 1 begins again.

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