Resources for Personal Growth

At Dawn of Changes, we’re working on creating several free tools to help you unlock your potential, enhance your life journey and create personal growth.


Life Coaching vs. Therapy

While coaching and therapy may seem very similar, there are a few key differences. The relationship between a client and life coach is a co-creative, collaborative, professional relationship between equals. This is very different from the doctor-patient relationship found in traditional counseling or therapy.

The approach found in life coaching is generally action-oriented. Trained life coaches use techniques such as goal setting, accountability, and skill development. These tools are practical and sustainable long-term, so clients are empowered to take action in achieving their goals and ultimate dreams.

Mental Health Hotlines

We have compiled a list of trusted sources as a quick, go-to guide should you find yourself in a mental health crises situation such as:

    • Mental Health
    • Domestic Violence
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Self-Harm Prevention
    • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
    • Rape & Incest Assistance
    • More

Dawn of Changes Blog

Discover new insights, gain motivation and achieve personal growth through the Dawn of Changes blog. These regular posts provide an opportunity to reflect, set goals, and pursue personal peace, all without a subscription or fee. Learn about the life coaching process, practice new strategies, and explore a world of self-improvement.

Dawn of Changes Podcast

This free podcast is an ideal tool for inspiration on the go. This listen-anywhere, hands-free tool delivers perspective and encouragement, gently nudging listeners toward personal growth. Subscribe to the podcast to receive ongoing motivation and support through your self-improvement journey. 

Free Educational Videos

Explore powerful and informative educational videos to enhance your journey. Coaching videos provide the benefit of being easily accessible, enabling you to access valuable guidance and support whenever and wherever you want, without any limitations of time or location. If you find these videos helpful, consider sharing them with others.