Professional Coaching Services:

Helping you Navigate Change

Are you in the dawn of a life change? If so, we can help you find inner peace as you adjust to a new normal.

Overcoming Challenges? Dawn of Changes Can Help

Our lives are full of changes, both welcome and unwelcome. While change is inevitable, minor and major life changes do not need to be accompanied by fear, anger, or resentment. Personal changes and challenges are a natural part of life, and professional coaching services from Dawn of Changes can provide an empowering, supportive system to help you navigate change. Our mission is to support people through major life transitions, partnering with them to find clarity in their new direction. This partnership offers the opportunity to establish goals that are achievable and provides confidence to progress steadily and successfully in personal and professional endeavors.

Let’s Partner Together!

Family Change

Marital Separation/Divorce/Reconciliation
Unexpected Pregnancy
Empty Nesting
Adult Children Moving Back In
Death of a Loved One

Lifestyle Change

Long-term Care of Family Member
Loss from Natural Disaster
Sudden Financial Gains or Loss
Prison Term

Health Change

Major Illness/Injury
Aging Issues
Questioning Faith/Spiritual Awakenings
Revision in Eating/Exercise
Change in Lifestyle Habits

Career Change

Unscheduled Retirement
Sudden Disability
Obsolete Skills/Job Change
Improving Work–Life Balance

Hello, I’m Dawn!

Like you, I have experienced many life changes. Some of these transitions were exciting while others were painful. They all had one thing in common. Each challenge offered an opportunity for personal growth. Every life transition I experienced improved my ability to adjust to new ones in the future.

I discovered supporting others specifically in their transitions is a passion of mine. It resonates deep in my soul. I have had both formal and practical training that brings a unique blend to my coaching process.

Relationship Coaching for Family Changes

Changes in a family structure include both foreseen and unforeseen changes. Relationship coaching can guide you through the process of marital change, including separation, divorce, and reconciliation. Maybe you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, planning to adopt or foster children, or preparing to be empty nesters. Sometimes adult children move back in with you, or your world is shattered by the death of a loved one. Click here for more information about relationship coaching for overcoming the challenges of family structure changes.

Experienced Lifestyle Coaching

If you are going through a significant lifestyle change, it can create countless other challenges, small and large. Some common lifestyle changes include moving and relocation, a sudden change in financial circumstances, loss from a house fire or other natural disaster, and long-term care of a loved one. Lifestyle coaching provides proper support and tools for overcoming challenges so you can face these major life changes head-on.

Coaching Services for Personal Health Changes

Significant changes in health take place throughout our lives. Some are expected, such as aging, and some are unexpected, including major injuries or a new diagnosis of chronic illness. If you are working through challenges impacting your physical health, mental health, or spiritual wellness, coaching services provide structure, tools, and compassion to aid you on your journey. Proactively managing changes makes a great deal of difference in the long-term impact they have on overall wellness. If you desire to create change in your physical health by adjusting your eating, exercise, or other physical lifestyle habits, online life coaching provides accountability, support, and confidence.
silhouette of woman on beach excited about a career change

Online Life Coaching for Career Changes

If you are facing a challenging career change, or if you desire a career change, but feel stuck in your current job, an online life coach provides support and guidance for this important life-changing transition. Life coaching from Dawn of Changes can help you process and face unexpected career changes including layoffs or unemployment, unscheduled retirement, sudden disability, and the need for a career change due to obsolete skills in our rapidly changing job market. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation appointment. 

Client’s Success Stories

“Dawn is such a good listener. She has the ability to see between the lines and her questions made me reflect deeply to find the root of my obstacle. The compassion for her clients is authentic, and she gives you a really safe space to reflect and grow. I love how she finds just the right questions to encourage me to see all the sides of the equation, so I can more clearly see where I want to go.”
Shelly Minton

Overland Park, Kansas

“When I needed her the most, Dawn was there for me. She has guided me through numerous life transitions — from leaving my job to care for my father, to coping with his sudden passing. Her coaching style instills a sense of awareness that provides a clear path forward. Thanks to Dawn, I have left our sessions with renewed confidence and the ability to move ahead. If you’re seeking the support necessary to navigate unexpected life events or if you need someone to guide you through your next challenge, I highly recommend Dawn of Changes. Having her in my life has been a true blessing.”

La Shawn Wallace

Chicago, Illinois

“Dawn truly works from a place of passion and from the heart! I not only looked forward to every coaching session we had, but I was able to discover new and fresh perspectives through the space she held for me and powerful questions she asked. She has this calming, safe and engaging presence that makes you feel like you WANT to share the vulnerable parts of yourself and it’s such a gift to have that loving support. I highly recommend Dawn for anyone facing internal conflict, stress from external circumstances, or needing a wise, heart-filled supporter to guide them through life transitions!”

Danielle Mason

Huntsville, Alabama

Dawn is such an amazing life coach. She has been helping me navigate life’s ups-and-downs for years. Dawn listens thoughtfully and responds without judgement. Most recently, she has been guiding me along the “perimenopause path,” as my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. I recommend Dawn of Changes for all of life’s stages.

Brandy Hahs

Victorville, California

“Dawn is amazing at what she does, and I believe that is in part due to the fact that she truly cares! She is real and she wants to help people deal with or get through whatever it is that is holding them back from being their best self. Dawn has helped me so much with things I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to deal with. She has helped me to see that healthy boundaries are a good thing. That it is ok to choose me and my happiness. She has helped me learn that I don’t have to continue unhealthy toxic relationships for the sake of keeping peace. Dawn has helped me to become a better person, wife, and mother! She has helped me to love myself and in doing so that has brought me into a closer more intimate relationship with God! My life is changed for the better because of Dawn and her coaching. I didn’t just get a life coach with Dawn I gained a friend for life! Thank you, Dawn!”

Tiffany Marx

Weston, Idaho

“In my opinion, the best thing about coaching with Dawn is questions. Dawn has a knack for asking just the right questions to make you think of things from a different direction. Sometimes it’s tough! But it’s always helpful and at the end of the day, you can see more clearly what your next step is in reaching your goals.”

Jamie Durfee

Preston, Idaho